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Why Choose Pioneer


 We seek to provide you with sustainable benefit solutions that offer true long-term value that help you attract and retain the best employees.  We take a client-focused approach to our consulting. Rather than take a product driven or “one-size fits all approach,” our solutions address specific needs and objectives.

As plan administration becomes increasingly complex, our team serves as knowledgeable advocates to help resolve challenging situations and provide the needed support for employers and employees alike. Our understanding of insurance contracts and processes can help you reduce administrative cost and burden while achieving your compliance goals. 

Employee benefits services include:

  • Plan and contract review

  • Employee communications and education

  • Vendor evaluation and relationship management

  • Benefit trends and legislative update

  • Self-insurance/alternative funding arrangements

  • Legal compliance support

  • Benefit risk management

  • Wellness and disease management

  • Health plan data analysis

  • Claims advocacy

  • Benefit plan benchmarking

  • Voluntary benefits

  • International travel insurance

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